Secret life of light

Light and
experience design

This project aims to design a concept for a semi-permanent light installation in the main building of the TU/e named Atlas, which contributes to the vitality of the TU/e community. Vitality can be achieved in different ways, but for this design, light is the main design element which can either be used as a tool or as a goal. 

The project started with performing research for the exploratory design phase, to gain inspiration and identify the possibilities. Besides gaining inspiration, other research was performed. The research consisted of PACT analysis, user-testing, expert-testing, survey and literature research.

The final product of this project is a semi-permanent light installation that improves the mental health and/or vitality of the students. It is a “blue zone” of sorts that attracts people’s attention, wanting them to move locations in breaks and while inside, fully capture their attention and let them clear their mind and truly relax. This zone is a space that helps people really take a break and experience the beneficial effects it offers, which could help greatly in respect to stress.

Course: Secret Life of Light
A project in collaboration with Kim Geurtjens, Mart Koene, Boaz Roijers and Ilka van Zeijl.

Conceptual sketches

Technical sketches

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