How dependent are we on technology?

Do you still know how to navigate through the city? Without Google Maps?

In recent years, smart products and systems have taken many activities off our hands, bringing convenience and efficiency. Systems help control our lives and increase productivity. We praise the benefits, but should not forget the critical issues. One downside is that our society is becoming increasingly dependent on technology, from not knowing how to navigate because of always using Google maps, to not knowing how to drive because of self-driving cars. What if we can no longer use these technologies? What if we have to think for ourselves? This manifesto presents a news report of a future day when we lose our network connection due to a major cyber attack. It highlights how we need to change the UX Design of smart systems to protect our independence.

MSC Course: User Experience Theory and Practice
A project in collaboration with Stijn van der Hoek

This is a self created news paper article to present our manifesto.

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