Delta Feminism – a movement against AI

Artificial Intelligence is making ever more advanced decisions in our everyday life. It is determining which job applications are chosen, how much the salary will be, etc. These are all important questions with a big impact when answered unfairly. Modern AI runs on biased datasets, oppressing women. Men are favored over women. Inequity is systematically being established in the system.

In response to this, we have designed a social movement set in 2032: Delta Feminism. It illustrates a possible transformation our society can experience if the trend of gender bias in AI accelerates. Women and men alike rise up against this injustice by forming a movement which is displayed in the Delta Feminism Exhibition. What is going to be done? Who will be doing it? What will the impact be?

Through this scenario, we want to change people’s perspectives on how these uncertainties in AI affect us. Now is the time to provoke change, stand up against oppressions, and prevent this designed scenario from becoming our actual future.

Course: Master Project 1 
A project in collaboration with Tom Slotboom, Lucas Licht Pradillo and Xingjian Zeng.

Exploring the plural futures that are possible through speculation grounded in signals of change and forecasting.

Co – creation

Iterations on the protective mask

Using corporate design tools to design an informal movement.

Designing anonymous rebellion tools

An exhibition to provoke change and prevent this designed scenario from becoming our actual future.

Delta Feminism –

A movement against AI.

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