Data door – control your data

‘We as people should be able to control, own and choose what we do with our data.’

In 2035, we will live in a smart home, a home that has never been more helpful and personalized. For this personalization, we do give something away, namely our data. What personal data is collected, who it actually goes to and whether it is done in a secure way is still vague to us. A good home should be a place where you don’t have to worry about this. We as people should be able to control, own and choose what we do with our data. 

I have designed five speculative products that could be in stores by 2035. They will help us understand and deal with the data flowing through our homes, but all in slightly different ways. To bring these products and their value to people, I have also designed a service around them. These speculative ways of handling data will help make the smart home humane again.


‘It all started with the metaphor of a door, a door through which data leaves the house and you decide whether it is open or closed. At once, data was no longer complex, but tangible.’

Designing with the human

‘I believe people themselves should be at the center of technological development.’

Service Design

‘I imagine a future where we can go to a data shop, buy data control products and call a data plumber for all our problems.’

Conceptual prototyping

Final prototypes – five speculative products

Presenting Data door

‘Data door opens the conversation between stakeholders, to look together at a future to get common values and norms.’

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