Coat Switching

Public, private, work and leisure are currently all executed in one and the same environment. We are travelling through a day, switching through different ‘states’ while sitting in the same chair: most commonly, switching in between work and leisure time activities. This design research project researches on how to design interventions that can play a role in switching between leisure and work activities. We uncovered ways people switch between work and leisure through first-person embodied experiments and a cultural probe.

Secondly, we uncovered how these switches manifest in the current environment resulting in a coat switching toolbox. Lastly, speculative scenarios show how using the switches in extremes could help to imagine the role of an intervention in a context where multiple activities happen in one room.

Course: Project 3
A project in collaboration with Naomi Poppe, Silvia Teisanu
and Pim Verhoeff.

A Research through
Design project.

Exploration phase

First person perspective

Do more, think less by immersing ourselves in the design context.

Cultural probe

Qualitative research
using a cultural probe.

Speculative scenarios

Reasoning the switches

We uncovered ways people switch between work and leisure.

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