Internship at Fabrique

During my Internship I joined the User Experience team of Fabrique, which is a digital design agency. I applied to this internship to explore digital design where content, interaction, technology and design come together to create the best user experience. But also to develop skills, like how to involve the user in the process and how to work in an agency, so more project management skills. I worked on a various project where I was able to develop myself, but also my vision for my future as a designer. 

Dutch Design Daily videos

Dutch Design Daily is an online news platform that posts about Dutch design every day. I make video reports of design-related events for their platform.

Watch all the videos on

InspirID Committee

InspirID is a committee of the Study Association Lucid of Industrial Design. The committee organizes inspiring events for the members. We organized a series of talk shows about the five areas of expertise. Companies who have expertise in one of these areas, were invited to share their experiences. In this committee I took the role of chairman, were in contact with the possible company guests, and I also presented two talk shows.

Watch a talk show with CLEVER°FRANKE here.

Watch a talk show with Kiki and Joost here.

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